Katie vs. the World

23 Feb

Hey everyone! So I’ve been neglecting posting for the past week. It’s because, yeah.. I fell off the wagon. I am going to be honest about it, though, because never did I say that I was going to be perfect. This always happens when I let the pressures of everyday life get to me in a negative way. Right now, I am working on being stronger than the entire world… because when you think about it, that is exactly what each of us has to succeed in doing every day if we want to be truly happy. 

Well, for the past one week+ 1.5 years+ the world has been winning. That ends now. Because I have let the world when, I have foregone my life. As a 20-year-old, it’s incredibly tragic to think that I am losing some of the most precious years of my life. The good part? I can change it all by myself if I want to. Sure, I will rely on the support of my loved ones, my support system (therapist, nutritionist, etc.), and you guys for a while.. but one day in the future I will be standing on my own. 



Weigh-In Wednesday #1 – Make the Choice.

13 Feb

Today was the day. It was the last time I will weigh in for Day #1. The past 1.5 years+ of my life have been filled with “Day 1’s”. I am sick and tired of it. “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired,” to quote the one and only Jay Sean. I vow that I will never again weigh more than I did this morning. When I saw 210.5 starting back at me, it hit me in a way that my weight never has before. It is inexplicable when a simple number can signify such a loss of one’s self-worth and purpose.

Let me tell you this. It is over. Done with. We have the following two choices, and I know which one I’m making. I hope you’ll make it with me, but I understand (better than most) that YOU have to decide when YOU are going to take responsibility. So, whenever that is for you (hopefully sooner than later), join me on this journey. I’m not promising it’s going to be easy or pretty… but I am promising that it will be worth it.


Every Wednesday, I will weigh-in and report here. Good, bad or terrible, I will be honest with you and myself. Because I think it will help us all stay accountable, please report your Wednesday weights in the comments if you feel comfortable. I can’t wait to see where our journey takes us.

Shit Happens

13 Feb

Today was one of those morning where you wake up and wish you didn’t have to face the world. Nothing seems to be going right. Immediately, you get down on yourself. These are the moments to stay strong. Don’t let your mind go to that place because that path only leads to destruction. Do something. Go for a walk. Go for a run. Call a friend. Stay positive.

I am worried that because I am so stressed out today, I will not be able to make time to go to the gym as much as I want to.. this was supposed to be the beginning, after all! I will try my darnedest, though, because if there is one thing I am not giving up during Lent… it’s myself!

Hope you all have a great day! If you need someplace to take your mind, find inspiration by inserting your bikini body into this picture.


100 Reasons (And Counting…) to Lose 100 Pounds

12 Feb

1. Shopping! I love fashion, but I can’t express myself through clothes because I’m limited to what fits (hello, Walmart clothes).

2. Get (a) tattoo(s)

3. Be a badass!

4. Meet a guy who can see me for me and not the fat I’m drowning in. 

5. Make my family proud. 

6. Make myself proud. 

7. Run a marathon. 

8. Life is too short to not be hot. 

9. To write a book about my journey. 

10. So I can sit down on an airplane without worrying whether I will fit in the seat. 

11. So my legs don’t chafe when I walk or run. 

12. So I can run. 

13. To be able to say “I used to be fat.”

14. To make every facet of my life easier and more enjoyable. 

15. So I can take pictures and be comfortable with them. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even change my profile picture after almost two years!

16. So I can travel the world and truly immerse myself in all aspects of my journeys.

17. Be confident. 

18. Wear a bikini. 

19. Love myself. 

20. Rush a sorority without worrying I’m not skinny enough. 

21. Audition for a movie or TV show.. just for shits and giggles. 

22. Be a role model. 

23. Shove it up their a$$es. 

24. Change what people see when they look at me..

25. and when I look at myself. 

26. Join the boxing club. 

27. Wear jewelry and rock it. 

28. Fit in the lab coat I got freshman year. 

29. Fit in my old clothes (from high school). 

30. Get manicures and rock them. 

31. Volunteer at the hospital. 

32. Look my best. 

33. Feel my best. 

34. To come out from behind my insecurities. 

35. To not have to dream about being hot. 

36. To believe the smile staring back at me when I look in the mirror. 

37. To make something good of the darkest time in my life. 

38. Life is short. I’m half way to 40!

39. To wear 6″ heels and ROCK THEM!

40. To know what my face really looks like. 

41. To know my true potential. 

42. To gain control of my life. 

43. To not have to sit on your tip toes so you’re thighs don’t squish together. 

44. To meet Demi Lovato without feeling embarrassed. 

45. To meet Nick Jonas and marry him! DUH!

46. To be able to wear knee high boots without them cutting off the circulation in your calves. 

47. Nice ass. 

48. Stamina. 

49. To not be uncomfortable whenever the word ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ is said. 

50. To run and feel like I’m flying. 

51. To give love like the people in my life deserve to be loved. 

52. So I don’t try to hide in group pictures. 

53. To prove.. “I can.”

54. To be a role model. 

55. To motivate others. 

56. To live without regret. 

57. To be carefree. 

58. To sit in someone’s lap without killing them. 

59. So people wish they had my body..

60. Instead of me wishing I had theirs.

61. Surrender myself and my body to God. 

62. Go to the beach!

63. To never again weigh more than I do right now. 

64. To surpass my own expectations. 

65. Dance!

66. To celebrate holidays and be able to eat what I want!

67. To bake Christmas cookies. 

68. Ride a motorcycle. 

69. Ride a jetski. 

70. To not avoid social situations because of my weight. 

71. To be a 20-year-old!

72. To be excited for summer!

73. And winter!

74. To show up for my life. 

75. To prevent diabetes (which runs in my family). 

76. To prevent heart disease (which also runs in my family). 

77. To prevent cancer (which, yes, runs in my family). 

78. To live a longer, better life. 

79. To wear a baseball cap without looking like a joke. 

80. To have a better mood. 

81. To overcome depression. 

82. Sleep better. 

83. So I can cross my legs. 

84. To crave fruits and exercise. 


86. To be a hot doctor.. Think Grey’s Anatomy. 

87. To hopefully one day look good in a wedding dress. 

88. So I don’t sweat walking up a flight of stairs. 

89. Breathe easy. 

90. Look my age.. instead of 10 years older. 

91. Have muscle tone. 

92. Be STRONG.. in every sense of the word. 

93. Find the love of my life. 

94. Love myself. 

95. Be able to play with my dog. 

96. To enjoy getting weighed when I have to go to the doctor. 

97. To not get looked at differently by anyone.. especially kids and men. 

98. To prove to all my haters/doubters that I CAN DO IT..

99. To prove to myself that I CAN DO IT..

100. To begin the rest of my life. 



Fat Tuesday

12 Feb

What better day to start a weight loss journey than Fat Tuesday?? Exactly.. there is none! This, though, is more than just about weight loss. This is about self-discovery, the realization of potential and the pursuit of dreams. I am so excited to commit myself to myself.. once and for all. This blog is a manifestation of my promise to Katie (that’s me). I’ll fill in the details as we go, but this is where you’ll be able to laugh with me, sing with me, sweat with me, cry with me, and maybe even bleed with me. Together, we can do anything we set our minds to. I hope you’ll join in on the journey because everything is more fun with friends!